Check the status of the 153 strategies in Chicago's Bike 2015 Plan, which was approved by City Council in 2005. This is a product of Grid Chicago. Please submit corrections, updates, or insights in the comments.

A strategy is a thing someone or some agency (and not necessarily the City of Chicago) is supposed to do in order to reach the goals of the Bike 2015 Plan: reduce injuries and increase the number of trips by bike.

Tracker Notes describe the status of a strategy and are developed using information from any and all sources.

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  1. Bikeway Network
  2. Bicycle-friendly Streets
  3. Bike Parking
  4. Transit
  5. Education
  6. Marketing and Health Promotion
  7. Law Enforcement and Crash Analysis
  8. Bicycle Messengers

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List of strategies in Chapter 5: Education, Objective 7

Theme: Evaluate plan effectiveness

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NumberStatusStrategyDeadlinesPerformance MeasuresTracker Notes
5.7.1image of colored circle Survey target audiences to measure changes in behaviors and beliefs.2007, 2015Survey every 2 years, beginning in 2007. Publish results within 6 months of completion.I'm not aware of a survey like this ever being conducted except for the Chicago Bicycling Survey of 2005.
5.7.2image of colored circle Adapt and deliver the survey to measure the effectiveness of individual programs.2007, 2015Measure the effectiveness of specific individual programs, beginning in 2007.I'm not aware of any strategy or program being measured for its effectiveness.

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