Check the status of the 153 strategies in Chicago's Bike 2015 Plan, which was approved by City Council in 2005. This is a product of Grid Chicago. Please submit corrections, updates, or insights in the comments.

A strategy is a thing someone or some agency (and not necessarily the City of Chicago) is supposed to do in order to reach the goals of the Bike 2015 Plan: reduce injuries and increase the number of trips by bike.

Tracker Notes describe the status of a strategy and are developed using information from any and all sources.

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  1. Bikeway Network
  2. Bicycle-friendly Streets
  3. Bike Parking
  4. Transit
  5. Education
  6. Marketing and Health Promotion
  7. Law Enforcement and Crash Analysis
  8. Bicycle Messengers

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List of strategies in Chapter 2: Bicycle-friendly Streets, Objective 2

Theme: Make all streets safe for bicycling

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NumberStatusStrategyDeadlinesPerformance MeasuresTracker Notes
2.2.1image of colored circle Implement measures on selected roads with bikeways to reduce speeding and encourage bicycle use. Test measures at 5-10 locations by 2015.Status unknown. This is the same as Strategy XXX.

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