Broadcast a television series on bicycling.

Strategy 5.3.4 Details

Chapter 5Education: Education is a key component to achieving the Bike 2015 Plan's goals to increase the number of trips by bicycle and improve the safety of the bicycling environment. Many people think that bicycling in Chicago is dangerous. This concern keeps people from bicycling more, or at all. A key way to address this concern is through education, particularly through the six objectives identified in this chapter.
Objective 3Establish partnerships to deliver bicycle information more effectively and at a lower cost.

Strategy 4

Broadcast a television series on bicycling.

Television is a powerful public education tool reaching large audiences relatively little effort and cost. Broadcast a television series, perhaps on Chicago's cable channel, focusing on the benefits of bicycling, choosing bicycles and equipment, tips for riding safety, and using Chicago's bikeway network.

Peformance MeasureBroadcast a television series on bicycling by 2008.
Tracker NotesI don't know if this ever happened.

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