Continue to support campaigns to increase bicycle helmet use.

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Chapter 5Education: Education is a key component to achieving the Bike 2015 Plan's goals to increase the number of trips by bicycle and improve the safety of the bicycling environment. Many people think that bicycling in Chicago is dangerous. This concern keeps people from bicycling more, or at all. A key way to address this concern is through education, particularly through the six objectives identified in this chapter.
Objective 3Establish partnerships to deliver bicycle information more effectively and at a lower cost.

Strategy 2

Continue to support campaigns to increase bicycle helmet use.

Head injuries are the leading cause of bicycle-related deaths. Wearing bicycle helmets is the most effective way to reduce head injuries and deaths from bicycling. Encourage health care organizations, pediatricians, and bicycle retailers to promote bicycle helmets. Require city staff using bicycles during their workday to wear helmets.

Peformance MeasureContinue featuring a helmet sale during the annual Bike Chicago promotion.
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