Educate bicyclists how to ride safely and avoid injury.

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Chapter 5Education: Education is a key component to achieving the Bike 2015 Plan's goals to increase the number of trips by bicycle and improve the safety of the bicycling environment. Many people think that bicycling in Chicago is dangerous. This concern keeps people from bicycling more, or at all. A key way to address this concern is through education, particularly through the six objectives identified in this chapter.
Objective 1Educate motorists and bicyclists to share the road.

Strategy 3

Educate bicyclists how to ride safely and avoid injury.

Bicyclists often endanger themselves and others with unsafe behaviors and by disregarding traffic laws. Focus education on particularly dangerous behaviors, including speeding, failure to stop at red lights, and riding against traffic on busy streets. Coordinate with enforcement efforts (see Chapter 7: Law Enforcement and Crash Analysis; Strategy 3.4).

Peformance MeasureConduct an annual campaign, beginning in 2008, so that 75 percent of surveyed bicyclists can identify the campaign's message and at least 50 percent say that they will practice the advertised behaviors.
Tracker NotesThe campaign is run annually, with the Bicycling Ambassadors, but I don't know if the performance measures have ever been met.

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