Determine how to increase the number of people who combine bicycling and transit use.

Strategy 4.5.1 Details

Chapter 4Transit: Bicycling and public transportation are each alternatives to the private automobile. For many people, however, neither form of transportation can compete with the automobile's travel range, flexibility, and speed. But when bicycling and public transit trips are combined, they can be as convenient as car trips, and are often quicker and more relaxing, without the automobile's environmental impacts. This chapter identifies five objectives designed to improve bicyclists' access to transit.
Objective 5Market and promote the bike-transit connection.

Strategy 1

Determine how to increase the number of people who combine bicycling and transit use.

Survey transit users to identify the barriers to and the opportunities for more bike-transit use.

Peformance Measure Conduct annual customer surveys and user counts of the CTA's Bike & Ride program, beginning in 2006. Encourage Metra to conduct similar surveys and counts.
Tracker NotesBoth CTA and Metra conduct user counts. Each conducts a bike parking count annually, but rarely conduct station access counts. I don't know when the last time either has done a station access count. The RTAMS website shows the latest Metra station access count as being conducted in 2006. I don't know if any of the various surveys either transit agency has conducted included questions about barriers to bike-transit use.

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