Establish another bicycle station.

Strategy 4.4.8 Details

Chapter 4Transit: Bicycling and public transportation are each alternatives to the private automobile. For many people, however, neither form of transportation can compete with the automobile's travel range, flexibility, and speed. But when bicycling and public transit trips are combined, they can be as convenient as car trips, and are often quicker and more relaxing, without the automobile's environmental impacts. This chapter identifies five objectives designed to improve bicyclists' access to transit.
Objective 4Provide bike parking at train stations.

Strategy 8

Establish another bicycle station.

The Millennium Park Bicycle Station is very successful, encouraging thousands of bicycle trips annually. Establish the bicycle station at a popular train station, such as the Ogilvie Transportation Center, to encourage bike-transit use. Prepare a feasibility study and a business plan to determine capacities, costs, and revenues. Potential services include day and overnight parking; showers and/or changing facilities; lockers; bicycle rentals; repairs; and sales.

Peformance MeasureComplete feasibility study and business plan by 2007; complete bicycle station design by 2009; construct by 2010.
Tracker NotesA feasibility study was conducted, and a location selected (Ogilvie Transportation Center). It was not built.

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