Continue installing bike racks outside train stations.

Strategy 4.4.1 Details

Chapter 4Transit: Bicycling and public transportation are each alternatives to the private automobile. For many people, however, neither form of transportation can compete with the automobile's travel range, flexibility, and speed. But when bicycling and public transit trips are combined, they can be as convenient as car trips, and are often quicker and more relaxing, without the automobile's environmental impacts. This chapter identifies five objectives designed to improve bicyclists' access to transit.
Objective 4Provide bike parking at train stations.

Strategy 1

Continue installing bike racks outside train stations.

Bike parking is available at 110 of the 124 CTA stations in Chicago and 50 of the 76 Metra stations. Wherever possible, bike parking should be covered, illuminated, and in highly visible locations, to encourage use and reduce the likelihood of bike theft.

Peformance MeasureImprove bike parking outside 5-10 stations per year, beginning in 2006. Bike racks installed outside every CTA and Metra station in Chicago by 2007.
Tracker NotesI believe all CTA stations in Chicago have bike parking. The CTA does an annual inventory of bike parking spaces.

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