Reinstall bike racks removed for sidewalk reconstruction.

Strategy 3.2.2 Details

Chapter 3Bike Parking: Providing convenient, secure places to park is an inexpensive and effective way to encourage bicycling. This chapter identifies five objectives designed to increase the availability of short-term (less than two hours) and long-term (e.g., indoor) bike parking throughout Chicago.
Objective 2Install bike parking with new development and construction.

Strategy 2

Reinstall bike racks removed for sidewalk reconstruction.

Reinstalling bike racks immediately after sidewalk reconstruction ensures that they are not discarded or stolen.

Peformance MeasureRequire bike rack reinstallation as a condition of construction permits and arrange for this requirement to be enforced, beginning in 2006.
Tracker NotesI don't believe this happens. Or if it does, it is rare. One time I personally locked a freestanding bike rack to a secured bike rack to prevent its theft, and until a crew could come reinstall the bike rack. Other times I have called the CDOT crew to come retrieve freestanding, unsecured bike racks.

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