Enforce the bike parking requirements of Chicago's zoning ordinance.

Strategy 3.2.1 Details

Chapter 3Bike Parking: Providing convenient, secure places to park is an inexpensive and effective way to encourage bicycling. This chapter identifies five objectives designed to increase the availability of short-term (less than two hours) and long-term (e.g., indoor) bike parking throughout Chicago.
Objective 2Install bike parking with new development and construction.

Strategy 1

Enforce the bike parking requirements of Chicago's zoning ordinance.

Short-term bike parking is now required with the development of commercial, office, multi-family residential, and institutional buildings; planned developments; and some commercial parking garages.

Peformance MeasurePrepare permitting guidelines, train appropriate staff to enforce the bike parking provisions of Chicago's zoning ordinance, and publicize the advantages of bike parking when issuing appropriate building permits, beginning in 2006. Make minor changes to City's permit tracking database to provide accurate information regarding the number of bike parking spaces provided yearly in conjunction with new construction and renovation building permits. Submit an annual report to the Mayor's Bicycle Advisory Council on the successes and challenges in enforcing these regulations, beginning in 2006.
Tracker NotesHasn't happened, although it's been considered.

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