Encourage installation of bike parking at retail locations.

Strategy 3.1.5 Details

Chapter 3Bike Parking: Providing convenient, secure places to park is an inexpensive and effective way to encourage bicycling. This chapter identifies five objectives designed to increase the availability of short-term (less than two hours) and long-term (e.g., indoor) bike parking throughout Chicago.
Objective 1Expand the Chicago Department of Transportation's bike parking program.

Strategy 5

Encourage installation of bike parking at retail locations.

Shopping centers and other retail outlets often have insufficient bike parking. Whatever bike parking is provided is often inconveniently located and/or poorly designed, further discouraging use. Providing bike parking is an inexpensive way to encourage people to shop by bike, increasing overall parking capacity at minimal cost.

Peformance MeasureEncourage 10 existing shopping centers to provide adequate bike parking by 2007, and an additional 25-50 existing shopping centers by 2010.
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