Ensure that roadway construction zones are bicycle-friendly.

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Chapter 2Bicycle-friendly Streets: While bicycling is permitted on all streets in Chicago (except expressways) many factors discourage bicycle use, including narrow travel lanes, congested roads, and uneven pavement. This chapter identifies ways to make Chicago's streets more bicycle-friendly.
Objective 1Accommodate bicycling in every city, county, and state road construction, resurfacing, streetscape, and traffic calming project.

Strategy 5

Ensure that roadway construction zones are bicycle-friendly.

Roadwork, including pavement cuts and temporary steel plates over road cuts, can cause bicyclists to fall or skid. The solution is to install temporary steel plates that are skid-proof and flush with the surrounding pavement. Restore pavement surfaces and markings, particularly along designated bikeways, to their original condition as soon as possible.

Peformance MeasureAdopt and apply bicycle-friendly road construction standards by 2007.
Tracker NotesI'm not aware of any standards. Construction zones are notoriously not bicycle friendly. See coverage on Grid Chicago.

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