Upgrade the on-street bikeway network on a regular basis.

Strategy 1.6.3 Details

Chapter 1Bikeway Network: "Bikeways" are streets and trails specifically designed for bicycle travel. Bikeways help bicyclists feel comfortable riding, whether on streets with heavy motor-vehicle traffic or on off-street trails. Surveys consistently indicate that providing bikeways is the most effective way to encourage bicycling.
Objective 6Prioritize ongoing maintenance and repair of the bikeway network.

Strategy 3

Upgrade the on-street bikeway network on a regular basis.

Opportunities exist to establish continuous bikeways by narrowing or, where appropriate, removing travel lanes, and upgrading older bike lanes to current standards. Identify and fill in gaps in the network, to provide continuous routes. Where possible, extend bike lanes to intersections.

Peformance MeasureUpgrade 10-25 locations per year, beginning in 2006.
Tracker NotesSome locations have been upgraded. I do not know how many per year, though.

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