Provide detour routes and signage.

Strategy 1.5.3 Details

Chapter 1Bikeway Network: "Bikeways" are streets and trails specifically designed for bicycle travel. Bikeways help bicyclists feel comfortable riding, whether on streets with heavy motor-vehicle traffic or on off-street trails. Surveys consistently indicate that providing bikeways is the most effective way to encourage bicycling.
Objective 5Help current and potential bicyclists choose safe, convenient routes.

Strategy 3

Provide detour routes and signage.

Maintain bicycle access whenever a bikeway is closed or disrupted for a significant period. Provide advance warnings and a safe detour route.

Peformance MeasureDevelop and implement standards for detours on streets with bikeways by 2007.
Tracker NotesI don't believe the standards for detours on streets with bikeways have been developed. If they have, they either have not be implemented, or are very inconsiderate standards. See coverage on Grid Chicago.

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