Develop and widely distribute a new Lakefront Trail map.

Strategy 1.5.1 Details

Chapter 1Bikeway Network: "Bikeways" are streets and trails specifically designed for bicycle travel. Bikeways help bicyclists feel comfortable riding, whether on streets with heavy motor-vehicle traffic or on off-street trails. Surveys consistently indicate that providing bikeways is the most effective way to encourage bicycling.
Objective 5Help current and potential bicyclists choose safe, convenient routes.

Strategy 1

Develop and widely distribute a new Lakefront Trail map.

The Lakefront Trail is the most popular bikeway in Chicago. A trail map is a cost-effective way to help bicyclists and other trail users select the best routes and promote trail safety. A map of the trail is not readily available, however. Seek private sector sponsorship in order to reduce costs.

Peformance MeasurePublish a minimum of 50,000 copies of a Lakefront Trail map per year, beginning in 2007.
Tracker NotesThe map has been created but I don't believe 50,000 copies of it are being printed and distributed annually. The map is graciously available online.

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