Establish bikeways to and within the Loop.

Strategy 1.4.5 Details

Chapter 1Bikeway Network: "Bikeways" are streets and trails specifically designed for bicycle travel. Bikeways help bicyclists feel comfortable riding, whether on streets with heavy motor-vehicle traffic or on off-street trails. Surveys consistently indicate that providing bikeways is the most effective way to encourage bicycling.
Objective 4Establish bikeways to priority destinations.

Strategy 5

Establish bikeways to and within the Loop.

Identify safe, convenient routes for north-south and east-west access to and through the Loop.

Peformance MeasureEstablish 2 north-south bikeways and 4 east-west bikeways to and within the Loop by 2010.
Tracker NotesThe deadline was missed. All to and within the Loop bikeways were installed by the time the Bike 2015 Plan was released (like Clinton, Canal, Wabash) except for Washington (which annoyingly ends at Desplaines). A new to or within bikeway was not installed in the Loop until 2011 (Madison Street). Thousands of cycling commuters who work and go to school in the Loop are anxiously awaiting these bikeways.

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