Establish dedicated right and left turn lanes for bicycles.

Strategy 1.3.5 Details

Chapter 1Bikeway Network: "Bikeways" are streets and trails specifically designed for bicycle travel. Bikeways help bicyclists feel comfortable riding, whether on streets with heavy motor-vehicle traffic or on off-street trails. Surveys consistently indicate that providing bikeways is the most effective way to encourage bicycling.
Objective 3Use innovative designs to expand and enhance the bikeway network.

Strategy 5

Establish dedicated right and left turn lanes for bicycles.

Designated places for bicyclists at intersections help reduce the number of accidents and conflicts with motorists.

Peformance MeasureEstablish dedicated bicycle turn lanes at 3-5 intersections by 2007 and at another 10-25 intersections by 2015.
Tracker NotesDeadline hasn't passed. Dedicated bicycle turn lanes exist at: SB Milwaukee at Kinzie, EB Cortland at Clybourn.

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