Determine how to improve the level and quality of reporting of bicycle crashes.

Strategy 7.5.1 Details

Chapter 7Law Enforcement and Crash Analysis: More than 1000 bicycle accidents are reported to the Chicago Police Department every year,1 with thousands more unreported. Effective enforcement of traffic laws, based on an understanding of the circumstances of bicycle crashes, will reduce the frequency and severity of these injuries.
Objective 5Improve the reporting and analysis of bicycle crashes.

Strategy 1

Determine how to improve the level and quality of reporting of bicycle crashes.

Crash reports are not usually prepared unless a motor vehicle is involved. Unfortunately, this excludes 85 percent of bicycle crashes from the recorded statistics. Furthermore, many crash reports are incomplete. Determine the best strategies to encourage police officers to submit a complete Illinois Traffic Crash Report for all reported: Bicycle crashes on roadways or trails Bicycle-motor vehicle crashes Bicycle-bicycle crashes on roadways or trails Bicycle-pedestrian crashes on roadways or trails Bicyclists should be encouraged to report all crashes. Crash data will make it easier to identify which violations to target for enforcement and educational efforts. Determine how to design the crash report form so that a bicyclist involved in a crash is treated as a vehicle operator, with identification of what the bicyclist's position was before and after the crash. The form should ask for the location of the bicycle (on roadway, on sidewalk, on crosswalk); whether the bicyclist was riding with or against the traffic; if the crash occurred after dark; and if the bicycle had a working front light and rear light or reflector.

Peformance MeasurePrepare report with recommendations how to improve the reporting of bicycle crashes by 2007.
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