Develop and implement an enforcement program targeting particularly dangerous bicycling.

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Chapter 7Law Enforcement and Crash Analysis: More than 1000 bicycle accidents are reported to the Chicago Police Department every year,1 with thousands more unreported. Effective enforcement of traffic laws, based on an understanding of the circumstances of bicycle crashes, will reduce the frequency and severity of these injuries.
Objective 3Focus enforcement efforts on traffic violations that pose the greatest threats to bicyclist safety.

Strategy 4

Develop and implement an enforcement program targeting particularly dangerous bicycling.

Bicyclists often endanger themselves and others by disregarding traffic laws and trail user guidelines. Target dangerous behaviors, such as failure to stop at red lights, riding against traffic on busy streets, and excessive speeds on crowded multi-use trails. Warnings without fines can also help to change behavior. Increase the effectiveness of traffic enforcement through media coverage, thereby broadcasting the bicycle safety message far beyond the direct impact of those stopped by police. With enforcement, the possibility of receiving tickets spreads quickly by word of mouth. Without enforcement, many bicyclists perceive that the traffic laws do not apply to them and any behavior is acceptable. Couple the enforcement with education, including partnering with Bicycling Ambassadors, so that it is more effective (see Chapter 5: Education; Strategy 1.1.). Use cadets and other cost-effective staffing.

Peformance MeasureStage education and enforcement campaigns in 3-5 police districts per year, beginning in 2006. Increase to 5-10 police districts per year by 2010. Publicize beforehand to encourage voluntary compliance.
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