Educate Chicago police officers on specific enforcement issues.

Strategy 7.2.2 Details

Chapter 7Law Enforcement and Crash Analysis: More than 1000 bicycle accidents are reported to the Chicago Police Department every year,1 with thousands more unreported. Effective enforcement of traffic laws, based on an understanding of the circumstances of bicycle crashes, will reduce the frequency and severity of these injuries.
Objective 2Train police officers on bicycling issues.

Strategy 2

Educate Chicago police officers on specific enforcement issues.

Reach police officers in inexpensive and effective ways, such as screening videos at roll call and distributing Action Alerts, memorandums to police officers on specific enforcement issues.

Peformance MeasureIssue 2 bicycle Action Alerts per year by 2007. Screen an Enforcement for Bicycle Safety video at roll calls in all 25 police districts each year, beginning in 2007.
Tracker NotesI don't know if Action Alerts are being issued, but the Enforcement for Bicycle Safety was created and shown to all police officers. It can be viewed online.

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