Pilot a car-free day.

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Chapter 6Marketing and Health Promotion: Bicycling is a healthy, fun activity and a convenient, inexpensive way to travel. Nonetheless, many people are not receptive to the idea of bicycling, or to bicycling more frequently. Marketing can influence people's attitudes and behaviors, particularly by promoting the health benefits of bicycling. Marketing is also a relatively inexpensive way to encourage bicycling and can help increase the use of existing infrastructure. The five objectives in this chapter identify how to market and promote bicycling.
Objective 2Stage cost-effective events and programs to encourage bicycling.

Strategy 6

Pilot a car-free day.

Fifteen hundred cities in 40 countries staged "car-free" days in 2004 to encourage people to use transit, bicycle, walk, and telecommute. If successful, expand initiative. Consider staging a "Car-free Challenge," encouraging people to leave their automobiles at home or reducing usage.

Peformance MeasurePilot a car-free day by 2010. Survey the riders and participating city agencies within 2 months of the event completion, to determine how to make the event more successful.
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