Establish a Health and Transportation Task Force.

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Chapter 6Marketing and Health Promotion: Bicycling is a healthy, fun activity and a convenient, inexpensive way to travel. Nonetheless, many people are not receptive to the idea of bicycling, or to bicycling more frequently. Marketing can influence people's attitudes and behaviors, particularly by promoting the health benefits of bicycling. Marketing is also a relatively inexpensive way to encourage bicycling and can help increase the use of existing infrastructure. The five objectives in this chapter identify how to market and promote bicycling.
Objective 1Promote the health benefits of bicycling.

Strategy 1

Establish a Health and Transportation Task Force.

More than 1.2 million Chicago residents have sedentary or irregular activity lifestyles. Bicycling provides moderate physical activity on a regular basis. Increasing activity levels contributes to the prevention and management of over 20 conditions and diseases including heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, weight management, and positive mental health.3 While there is an emerging consensus that our transportation system contributes to this health crisis, specific interventions and measures have not been well defined. The Health and Transportation Task Force will be charged with reviewing the objectives, developing health performance measures for this plan, identifying funding opportunities, and spearheading action. Joint sponsors: the Department of Public Health, Chicago Department of Transportation, and the Mayor's Bicycle Advisory Council.

Peformance MeasureEstablish a Health and Transportation Task Force in 2006. Develop health performance measures and determine the requirements of the Bike to Health campaign by 2007.
Tracker NotesI don't know if such a task force exists, or if health performance measures or a Bike to Health campaign have ever been created

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