Educate children on the best ways to prevent bicycle theft.

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Chapter 5Education: Education is a key component to achieving the Bike 2015 Plan's goals to increase the number of trips by bicycle and improve the safety of the bicycling environment. Many people think that bicycling in Chicago is dangerous. This concern keeps people from bicycling more, or at all. A key way to address this concern is through education, particularly through the six objectives identified in this chapter.
Objective 6Reduce the incidence of bicycle theft through education and enforcement.

Strategy 3

Educate children on the best ways to prevent bicycle theft.

Provide Chicago Public School students and children enrolled in Chicago Park District summer camps with information on locking techniques.

Peformance MeasureProduce a flyer for children on how to prevent bicycle theft by 2007. Determine best distribution points and opportunities for co-printing in 2007.
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