Check the status of the 153 strategies in Chicago's Bike 2015 Plan, which was approved by City Council in 2005. This is a product of Grid Chicago. Please submit corrections, updates, or insights in the comments.

A strategy is a thing someone or some agency (and not necessarily the City of Chicago) is supposed to do in order to reach the goals of the Bike 2015 Plan: reduce injuries and increase the number of trips by bike.

Tracker Notes describe the status of a strategy and are developed using information from any and all sources.

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  1. Bikeway Network
  2. Bicycle-friendly Streets
  3. Bike Parking
  4. Transit
  5. Education
  6. Marketing and Health Promotion
  7. Law Enforcement and Crash Analysis
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List of strategies in Chapter 6: Marketing and Health Promotion

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NumberStatusStrategyDeadlinesPerformance MeasuresTracker Notes
6.1.1image of colored circle Establish a Health and Transportation Task Force.2006, 2007Establish a Health and Transportation Task Force in 2006. Develop health performance measures and determine the requirements of the Bike to Health campaign by 2007.I don't know if such a task force exists, or if health performance measures or a Bike to Health campaign have ever been created
6.1.2image of colored circle Stage a Bike to Health campaign to promote bicycling.2006, 2008Stage 2-3 joint Department of Public Health and Chicago Department of Transportation press events on bicycling and health per year, beginning in 2006. Stage an annual Bike to Health campaign, beginning in 2008. Incorporate bicycling into 3-5 health initiatives per year, beginning in 2008.Status unknown.
6.1.3image of colored circle Establish a free "Sunday Parkway" bicycle ride along a network of streets closed to motorized traffic.2006, 2006Prepare a feasibility study, promotional plan, and financial analysis in 2006. Stage a pilot ride in 2006. Survey the riders and participating city agencies, to determine how to make the event more successful.The first Sunday Parkways happened over two days in 2008. The second "Open Streets" happened over one day in 2009. The third "Open Streets" happened over one day in 2011. New York City, San Francisco, and Portland, Oregon, stage multiple events each year, and have for several years now.
6.1.4image of colored circle Partner with community health programs to promote bicycling to Chicago's minority youth. 2008Promote bicycling in 3 community health programs targeting minority youth by 2008.Status unknown.
6.2.1image of colored circle Support the events and programs of groups promoting bicycling.2006Publicize significant local bicycle events, programs, and non-profit groups in appropriate city Web sites and publications, beginning in 2006.The Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events (DCASE) maintains a Bike Chicago calendar.
6.2.2image of colored circle Encourage fitness centers to provide showers and lockers to bicyclists. 2005, 2008Establish shower and locker services for bicyclists at 5 new fitness centers in 2005, increasing to 10-15 new fitness centers by 2008.Status unknown.
6.2.3image of colored circle Expand the annual Bike Chicago festival.2006Expand festival to 4 months in 2006. Increase participation and media coverage by 10-15 percent per year, beginning in 2006. Submit an annual report with recommendations to the Mayor's Bicycle Advisory Council, beginning in 2006.Level of increase in participation and media coverage does not get reported to MBAC. I believe the festival is at least 4 months long.
6.2.4image of colored circle Publicize the availability of new or improved trails to nearby residents. 2006Distribute promotional material to nearby residents, stage ribbon-cutting ceremonies, and organize rides along new or improved trails within 1 month of trail completion, beginning in 2006.Status unknown.
6.2.5image of colored circle Establish a mini-grant program to support community efforts that encourage bicycling, particularly to infrequent cyclists.2007, 2010Obtain foundation and/or private sector funding by 2007. Award 5 mini-grants (under $2,500) annually, beginning in 2008, increasing to a minimum of 10 mini-grants annually by 2010.Status unknown.
6.2.6image of colored circle Pilot a car-free day.2010Pilot a car-free day by 2010. Survey the riders and participating city agencies within 2 months of the event completion, to determine how to make the event more successful.Status unknown.
6.3.1image of colored circle Increase the use of bicycles on the job by city agencies and departments.2006Increase the number of bicycles in the city's vehicle fleet by 5-10 percent per year, beginning in 2006.Status unknown.
6.3.2image of colored circle Pilot an individualized marketing campaign to people receptive to replacing automobile trips with bicycling, walking, transit, and carpooling.2007Pilot an individualized marketing campaign by 2007.Status unknown.
6.3.3image of colored circle Promote bicycling to target populations and groups that would most benefit from increased bicycling.2008Promote bicycling to 3 target populations and groups by 2008.Status unknown.
6.4.1image of colored circle Continue the Bike to Campus program to encourage bicycling to colleges and universities. 2007Stage the Bike to Campus program on an annual basis at 5-10 colleges and universities, beginning in 2007.Status unknown.
6.4.2image of colored circle Establish an annual Bicycle Commuter Challenge to encourage more people to bicycle to work.2008, 20105000 participants in 2008; increasing to 10,000 by 2010. Prepare an annual report with recommendations to improve the program, beginning in 2008.This has happened since (what year?) and continues to this day. I don't know how many people participate or if the performance measures have been reached. I haven't seen or heard of an annual recommendations report.
6.4.3image of colored circle Pilot a Bike to the Park campaign to encourage bicycling to Chicago's parks and park events. 2008Pilot a Bike to the Park campaign by 2008.Status unknown.
6.4.4image of colored circle Stage a Shop by Bike campaign. 2010Stage a Shop by Bike campaign by 2010.I don't know if this ever happened.
6.4.5image of colored circle Expand the Safe Routes to School program.See Chapter 5: Education; Strategy 2.4.Status unknown.
6.4.6image of colored circle Promote the Bike to Transit option.See Chapter 4: Transit; Objective 5.Status unknown.
6.5.1image of colored circle Publicize opportunities for bicycle touring and rental in Chicago. 2006, 2007Distribute bicycle touring and rental information to 50-100 locations per year, beginning in 2006. Identify 3-5 self-guided bike tours in 2006. Feature information on bicycle touring and rental on 3-5 Web sites by 2007.Status unknown.
6.5.2image of colored circle Promote Chicago as a destination for bicycle tourism.2007, 2008Prepare a bicycle tourism marketing plan by 2007. Implement key recommendations by 2008.Status unknown.

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