Check the status of the 153 strategies in Chicago's Bike 2015 Plan, which was approved by City Council in 2005. This is a product of Grid Chicago. Please submit corrections, updates, or insights in the comments.

A strategy is a thing someone or some agency (and not necessarily the City of Chicago) is supposed to do in order to reach the goals of the Bike 2015 Plan: reduce injuries and increase the number of trips by bike.

Tracker Notes describe the status of a strategy and are developed using information from any and all sources.

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  1. Bikeway Network
  2. Bicycle-friendly Streets
  3. Bike Parking
  4. Transit
  5. Education
  6. Marketing and Health Promotion
  7. Law Enforcement and Crash Analysis
  8. Bicycle Messengers

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List of strategies in Chapter 3: Bike Parking

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NumberStatusStrategyDeadlinesPerformance MeasuresTracker Notes
3.1.1image of colored circle Continue installing outdoor (short-term) bike racks. Install between 400-500 bike racks per year, beginning in 2005.Bike rack installation continues at this pace, sometimes exceeding it.
3.1.2image of colored circle Install bike parking inside office buildings. Provide free consulting services to encourage the installation of indoor bike parking at 15-25 buildings per year, beginning in 2005.Free consulting is provided, but to how many buildings' managers is unknown.
3.1.3image of colored circle Provide long-term bike parking for employees at buildings owned by the City of Chicago and its sister agencies.Pilot long-term bike parking in 5-10 buildings owned by the City of Chicago and its sister agencies in 2006.Status unknown. I'm aware of some bike racks being installed at a few police stations in 2007.
3.1.4image of colored circle Partner with public institutions (e.g., universities, hospitals) to install short and long-term bike parking on their properties. Partner with 3-5 public institutions per year, beginning in 2006.Status unknown.
3.1.5image of colored circle Encourage installation of bike parking at retail locations.Encourage 10 existing shopping centers to provide adequate bike parking by 2007, and an additional 25-50 existing shopping centers by 2010.Status unknown.
3.1.6image of colored circle Place stickers on selected parking meters to advise bicyclists that they are appropriate locations for bike parking.Attach stickers to 100-200 parking meters per year, beginning in 2007.Never done. But since the parking meter lease, 30,000+ parking meters were removed, some remained, and stickers were placed on these parking meters.
3.1.7image of colored circle Install shelters to protect parked bicycles from inclement weather. Install bike parking shelters at 3-5 locations by 2015.No bike parking shelters have been installed by January 29, 2012.
3.2.1image of colored circle Enforce the bike parking requirements of Chicago's zoning ordinance.Prepare permitting guidelines, train appropriate staff to enforce the bike parking provisions of Chicago's zoning ordinance, and publicize the advantages of bike parking when issuing appropriate building permits, beginning in 2006. Make minor changes to City's permit tracking database to provide accurate information regarding the number of bike parking spaces provided yearly in conjunction with new construction and renovation building permits. Submit an annual report to the Mayor's Bicycle Advisory Council on the successes and challenges in enforcing these regulations, beginning in 2006.Hasn't happened, although it's been considered.
3.2.2image of colored circle Reinstall bike racks removed for sidewalk reconstruction.Require bike rack reinstallation as a condition of construction permits and arrange for this requirement to be enforced, beginning in 2006.I don't believe this happens. Or if it does, it is rare. One time I personally locked a freestanding bike rack to a secured bike rack to prevent its theft, and until a crew could come reinstall the bike rack. Other times I have called the CDOT crew to come retrieve freestanding, unsecured bike racks.
3.2.3image of colored circle Provide bike parking in appropriate city, county and state transportation projects.Prepare guidelines for appropriate city, county and state agencies in 2006. Review the plans of streetscape, transit and other appropriate transportation projects once or twice a year to ensure that bike parking is provided, beginning in 2006.Status unknown.
3.2.4image of colored circle Continue replacing bike parking lost when parking meters are removed for "pay and display" parking.Determine where to provide replacement bike parking at least two months before removing parking meters. Install bike parking before or within two weeks of the removal of the parking meters.The plan was launched before anyone would ever know that a parking meter lease would happen and 30,000+ parking meters would be removed. After that lease, no bike racks were installed to make up for the loss, and parking meters left to remain as bike parking were left in the lease useful locations (which was not the fault of CDOT).
3.2.5image of colored circle Consider expanding the bike parking requirements of Chicago's zoning ordinance to provide indoor bike parking, showers, and changing areas with the development of appropriate land uses.Determine appropriate changes to Chicago's zoning ordinance by 2007, including the appropriateness of bonus provisions.Status unknown.
3.4.1image of colored circle Provide and publicize attended bike parking at large events and festivals.Provide attended bike parking at Chicago's 10-25 largest events and festivals per year, beginning in 2006. Publicize in event/festival brochures and media releases.There has been bike valet at many festivals, although I don't know if it was ever provided at 10 or more of the "largest events and festivals" each year. Its presence has usually been sufficiently publicized.
3.4.2image of colored circle Establish indoor or sheltered bike parking at large sports facilities.Establish bike parking at 5-10 large sports facilities by 2010.I don't know of any indoor or sheltered bike parking at any sports facility in Chicago.
3.5.1image of colored circle Encourage the installation of convenient and secure bike parking inside multi-family residential buildings.2007Post guidelines on the Bicycle Program's Web site by 2007; distribute to developers, building managers, and condominium associations, beginning in 2007.There are some guidelines on the website. I don't know if these guidelines were or are being distributed to those people.
3.5.2image of colored circle Encourage construction of bike parking sheds to provide convenient and secure places for long-term parking.Construct 3-5 bike parking sheds by 2008.Zero sheds have been constructed by January 30, 2012.

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